September 23, 2017

Can Machine Learning Give Your Company a Competitive Edge?

The following is a guest post by Alexander Brooks.

Machine Learning is changing the way industries operate. Things that once were people managed are being automated. Today we’re going to discuss a few ways machine learning can help your company gain a competitive edge in today’s market.


Automate the boring stuff and focus on the most important challenges. In every organization, processes exist that requires minimum human involvement to complete the task. By automating the simple task that requires minimal to no human involvement your organization can direct resources to the most challenging tasks. Although automating all customer service task are not beneficial, you can focus on just the tasks that require the least amount of human attention.

Recommendation Tools

Building a robust recommendation tool can improve the accuracy of number-driven decision making. Recommender tools can be used to manage Keyword advertising. Having a Recommender tool to choose the best keyword based on historical data can benefit an organization in several ways. Some of the benefits include increasing accuracy, reducing resource needs and cost long term.

Predictive Analytics

Using historical data to develop a game plan for future objectives can help you create a competitive edge. We recently did an analysis on bike-share data from 2014 to 2016 in the Seattle area. We discovered that the average bike share usage was around 20 minutes per ride in Seattle. This information is important insight for any bike-share startup company in the Seattle area.

Alex Brooks is the founder and CEO of AE Brooks, LLC (d/b/a Entreprov), a Seattle-based firm that helps small and medium-sized businesses increase their customer base and extend lifetime value of current customers through machine learning and business strategy. Mr. Brooks may be contacted at

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