December 17, 2008

DUX Spray Gun: A Model of the Green Tech Evolution

On a recent trans-Pacific flight, I had a conversation with a woman about the current global economic crisis. She asked, "What sectors, if any, will benefit the most during the economic crisis?" I responded that while some sectors will feel the impact more than others (i.e, financial and retail), I think renewable energy and green (clean) technology will come out stronger than ever.

In the United States, President-elect Barack Obama has repeatedly explained that his economic plan calls for a significant increase of investment in the "New Economy," which include the renewable energy and green technology sectors. Other countries like Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom and even China are looking at making large investments in renewable energy and clean tech.

One benefit of traveling on long flights is having uninterrupted time to review documents. In doing so, I found documents from a consulting project I worked on advising DUX Area, Inc., a Tukwila, Wash.-based green technology company, on identifying strategic international markets conducive to increasing market capitalization and strengthening market position. In explaining the company's mantra, DUX's CEO Kevin Kelley says DUX spray guns bring the global coatings application market a technology that exceeds transfer efficiency expectations while providing coating specialists the finish and productivity output they demand.

The DUX spray gun is a prime example of the green technology evolution--taking an existing product and redesigning it into a product that is good for the environment and business profits alike. DUX's competitors who produce High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) and other spray gun technologies use 1,800-2,500 pound-force per square inch gauge (psig) to apply the paint or coating application, whereas DUX's spray guns use only 10-11 psig. DUX's patented Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology reduces booth fog and blowback from the target, the two leading causes of coatings waste. These reductions create a healthier work environment because less material is wasted, fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other hazardous pollutants are released into the atmosphere. In addition to reduced coating usage and decreased cleanup costs, other return on investment results include faster production speed and energy savings.

DUX designed three spray guns: Pressure Feed, Gravity Feed, and Automatic (pictured here). I had the opportunity to test the Gravity Feed spray gun (pictured above) and was amazed with its lightweight and balanced design, which facilitated the ease of spraying paint across a large surface. DUX guns can be used a variety of industries including transportation, industrial equipment, wood, plastics, aerospace, military, marine, and architectural.

World governments are hedging their investments on green technology to increase jobs while fighting climate change. We need to invest in the talented people similar to those you will find at DUX who produce products or provide services that will play an integral part in the new "green" economy.

Aaron Rose is a board member, corporate advisor, and co-founder of great companies. He also serves as the editor of GT Perspectives, an online forum focused on turning perspective into opportunity.


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